Poland: Piergoi & Kielbasa


How many Pollacks does it take to make a Polish dish?  Well, I don’t know since neither of us are Polish but we thought we’d try.  Tonight we chose to go with a Slavic country that has very healthy food: kielbasas and piergoies  Oh wait, is that not healthy?

We thought for our 2nd country we would we would make the cuisine at home. I bought fresh made piergoies and a few tasty looking kielbasas.  The dish was easy to make and didn’t take long.  We caramelized an onion and then sauteed it with the kielbasa.  Then threw the cabbage in the oven and baked it.  The pierogies couldn’t have been easier to make and were done in minutes.

The Polish cuisine was a favorite of ours.  With a side of sour cream for the piergoies and spicy mustard for the kielbasa, the dish couldn’t have been better.   If this is what you eat on a daily basis in Poland, please ship me there today and let me gain the 200lbs that comes with it.

So how many Pollacks does it take to make a Polish dish?  Apparently, all you need a is a French and a Stern.



One thought on “Poland: Piergoi & Kielbasa

  1. That was the worst joke to end a blog I have ever read. If you keep that up, Lista and I will ship you to Poland. Watch your back homeboy. Now take me for a walk.


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