Honduras: 3 Baleadas y Una Horchata


It doesn’t take much to convince me to drive to the furthest edges of the earth to get baleadas. I LOVE a good baleada. Unfortunately, most of the baleadas I’d had to date in the DC area have been nothing but disappointing. But I’m always willing to give a baleada another chance.

Matt found this place in Silver Spring called El Catrachito and the reviews made it seem promising. We weren’t sure what to think when we pulled into a packed parking lot on University Blvd. The front of the restaurant resembled an old fashioned diner car; the inside held no more than 5 tables and a counter bar. We lucked out and nabbed the last open table. Our friend Dave who lives near by came along for the adventure and the three of us sat down. I knew what I wanted, obviously, but Matt and Dave perused the menu looking for options. In the end we all ordered baleadas. I went with chicken and Matt ordered a combo of chicken and steak. And well…


OK, I do have some distance from my beloved Peace Corps days and actual baleadas made in Honduras but this baleada came very close to my memory of what a good baleada should be. A fluffy, warm flour tortilla with refried beans, mantequilla, scrambled eggs, and avocado nestled inside. This  picture does not do the meal justice.

With my baleada, I ordered an horchata because, well, I know what’s good. Dave ordered one too. Matt passed. He wasn’t interested in a “rice drink.” Shortly after our food and drinks arrived, Matt asked if he could try my horchata. Being the nice person I am, I said, “Of course you can try my horchata!” That was dumb on my part. The next time I grabbed my drink to take a sip it was almost empty. Matt REALLY likes horchata.

There wasn’t much time to doddle over our meal as we were really out in Silver Spring to find a shelf to store Matt’s vinyl collection so we headed out shortly after the bill was paid, all members of the clean plate club.



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