Sweden: Børk! Børk! Børk!


After enjoying a fantastic Honduran meal earlier in the day and driving around Maryland on a serious mission to find a piece of furniture to hold my records, we thought there was no better way to enjoy the rest of the day:  IKEA!  How else would you celebrate Sweden?  Obviously walking around looking for furniture that will fall apart in a few weeks, if not while you are building it.  Then end the trip with a satisfying meal of Swedish meatballs, sadly no more Horchata.

Now I know what you are thinking, IKEA meatballs and food is “fake” Swedish food.  Believe it or not, most of the food that IKEA has is authentic Swedish food, maybe not a restaurant or from scratch but it’ll do.  We crisscrossed through the store and finally ended up in the food area.  We picked our selection of entree, sides, and dessert to take back to the house for a fun Swedish dinner.

Now I am no Swedish chef,  but we were able to put together a fantastic meal with the frozen items from IKEA.  Now obviously the main dish was the meatballs (KÖTTBULLAR.)   We made a large amount off egg noodles to put the meatballs on top of with a heavy dousing of the delicious, creamy gravy (GRÄDDSÅS.)  Mind you, making this gravy was an adventure in itself as the instructions are not in American measurements.  As much as I like math (not at all), I don’t like mixing math with cooking.

Usually they serve this dish with a berry preserve called lingonberry.  We decided to add a little something different and got a jar of pickled gherkins (GURKA INLAGD.)  We needed something to soak up that creamy gravy on our plate as well. so we added the saffron buns (LUSSEBULLE).  They turned out to be dry and didn’t go well with the dish.   Also, the fact these buns had raisins in them didn’t make Bridget too happy.

We enjoyed the main Swedish meal and it was easy to cook.  Who doesn’t like IKEA meatballs, especially after wandering around the store for hours?  The best way to top it off had to be with a Swedish dessert.  Of course we got the IKEA favorite of cinnamon rolls (KANELSNÄCKA).  Oh wait, no we didn’t.  Bridget decided to go with this oat pastry (SÖTSAK KAKAOBOLL) becuase it had coconut sprinkles on it.  Turns out they taste like coffee and I was highly disappointed. Bridget, of course, loved them.

Swedish was a fun walk around a the cruel joke that is IKEA.  But ended with a fun gravy covered meatball and noodle dish.  I would happily go back to Sweden but come back with a KANELSNÄCKA and maybe some Swedish Fish.


Børk! Børk! Børk!



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