India: Birthday Dinner & a Surprise (Her Version)


I’ve wanted to try Rasika for some time now so when Matt suggested it for my birthday dinner I was super excited. It wasn’t actually my birthday, but since Matt had to work on Tuesday, Sunday seemed like a good day to celebrate.

We went to brunch earlier in the day to celebrate with friends at Barrel near Eastern Market (which is delicious by the way – I recommend checking it out for brunch or just the whiskey) so we were both ready to eat again by the time we got to the restaurant.

After sitting down and checking out the menu, we knew a few items we wanted to order right away. To start we tried the palak chaat, crispy pieces of spinach with a yogurt sauce. I ordered chicken Parsi for dinner and Matt ordered lamb Rajasthani.

At this point you might be wondering why my recollection of our meal at Rasika is so, well, vague. That leads me to the surprise of the night…

In the taxi on the way home Matt casually mentioned that he knows I don’t like surprises so he had to tell me something. I starred at him until he spoke again. “Well,” he says, “your friends wanted to through you a surprise party so act surprised when we get home.” “Whaaat??” I squeeked out. “But it’s Sunday; We have work tomorrow; And I saw them all this morning!” “Just act surprised,” he said.

We walked up to the apartment, I immediately noticed lights turned on, the blinds cracked open, and when the keys jingled the dogs didn’t come running to the door. “Don’t freak out,” Matt told me. He opened the door and well…


I said yes 🙂



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