France: Fancy brunch


I don’t think anyone will be surprised that France would be a fancy meal.  I think we all also know that Iggy Azalea was singing about me in “Fancy.”  So the most obvious choice for France would be to go fancy.

We made reservations for a place that we have heard is fantastic in the U Street area of DC, Le Diplomate. (  Le Diplomate is a place that I actually enjoyed brunch in.

(begin rant)

Don’t let me get started on the total nonsense that is “brunch.”  To all of  you “brunchers” in this world, if its after noon, IT CAN’T BE BRUNCH!   That is either “Linner” or “Dunch” (both words I have patented.)  I was informed this is a NYC style that has now leaked to this area.  Please lets keep brunch before noon, where it belongs.

(end rant)

When we walked in there was not a wait but the place was packed.  They seated us in a type of sun room that was pleasantly romantic.  Before ordering they brought us a basket of bread that was so good, Zak the Baker would be jealous.

This brunch was outstanding.  I started it with a local beer, Atlas Brewery, version of a “La Saison des Fetes.”  A great tasting Saison with some French hops. Bridget had a French coffee. She said it was some of the best coffee she’s had in DC; it also helped that they gladly filled her cup when it ran low.

The actual food ordering process was not easy, mostly for me.  Mainly because I didn’t understand what half the words on the menu meant.  So we went crazy and just ordered what we thought was fun sounding, hence the Ratatouille I ordered.

Sadly there was no Ratatouille from the Disney movie making my order but I was pleasantly pleased with my decision.  Bridget got the Poached Eggs Basquaise, which came with creamy polenta in a cast iron skillet. What we did learn is that all French food is quite rich and creamy.



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