Greece: Three is not a Crowd (Guest Post)


(While on this “Eat Around the World” adventure we had some friends join us.  Bridget and I both thought it be fun for them to guest post.  Greece was written from the view of Melissa (Dubby) Williams.  Enjoy!)

I received a $150 gift certificate to Kellari Teverna.  ( It was given to me by an amazing, Greek, patient of mine and I figured, if she is Greek and gave me a gift certificate to a Greek restaurant, then it has to be phenomenal.

Now, as a single person in DC, using $150 in one restaurant would require me to find some backup. Que Matt and Bridget!  I thought this would be a good opportunity to celebrate their engagement and my upcoming birthday.

I arrived before them and sat at the bar and ordered a really good Pinot Noir. So good that I can’t remember the name.. Plus I had a few more after this one which didn’t help either.  We were seated fairly quickly after Matt and Bridget got their drinks from the bar.

Our waitress greeted us and asked if we had picked an appetizer, and since we were still deciding, we told her to come back. We should not have done that. She took her sweet time getting back to us. It was actually really comical (at least for now).

We were having a great conversation and even saw two men who were meeting for dinner, call each other to find where the other person was so that they could meet up. They were about 10 feet apart but never saw each other.

We settled on Kellari Veggie Chips for an appetizer.  Which were crispy eggplant and zucchini with tzatziki dip and our waitress set off again.

We wanted drinks, but that was not to be. She would walk by us and we tried, very politely at first, to get her attention. That was to no avail. Eventually, Matt got up and went to find the manager, of course it was him who did it.  We got our drink order in (which were comped) and Matt ordered a Greek beer, Aris.

The Kellari chips finally arrived and were awesome! Thin and crispy and just fried enough and the Tzatzki Dip was heaven. I could have eaten a whole order just to myself.

The waitress finally came back and we were able to order our dinner. Bridget got the Garides Corfu which was pan seared jumbo shrimp served over wild mushrooms.  Matt gote the Paidakai which was beautiful lamp chops with oregeno roasted potatoes.  I got Kotopoulo which was roasted organic chicken with feta infused potato puree and caramelized onions. We ordered a side of lightly grilled asparagus as well.

Now, another wait is in store for us. We wait and we wait and we wait and we wait and we want more drinks and try to get our waitress’ attention again, and she was just not having it.  The only thing comical about this was that I did see a man at another table spray himself in the face with a lemon while trying to put it on his fish entree.


What seemed like hours later, our food arrived and let me tell you, my dinner was AH-MAY-ZING. The chicken was so flavorful and tender and the potato puree was just out of this world. I don’t eat seafood so I didn’t have any of Bridget’s dish but I’m pretty sure it was really good. The asparagus was also really good. Really really good.  Matt’s was gone so fast I am pretty sure it was great.  We had given up on a third drink because our waitress was just never coming back. She didn’t even come back to see how our dinner was.

I could not come to a Greek restaurant without getting some baklava. . The baklava  was also really good, but truthfully, that same patient that gave me this gift card, makes her own and hers is much better.  She also brought over a sweet dessert wine on the house of course due to her horrible service.  It was a nice gesture but it was so damn sweet and hard to drink.

The waitress never gave us the bill. We tried everything. We were polite but she walked by our table at least six times and not once did she drop the bill off. Matt started waving his hand in her face and when I say in her face, I mean it.  She walked right behind him and he would put his hand up in her face and she dodged it and Bridget started going “excuse me!!!!!!!” I was voting that we just leave.  This woman was just not having it.

We waiting nearly 20 minutes for our bill and when it came it was $148. Remember the gift certificate was for $150? Couldn’t have worked that out any better.  Trust me, she didn’t get a great tip, mostly Matt’s idea.

So all in all, the food and wine was amazing and I enjoyed our bartender, but the service was horrible. The worst I’ve ever experienced. Would I go back? Yes, but I would sit at the bar. At least, we had good conversation which, if you know Matt, know that this is unusual.

-Melissa Williams


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