China: Days Inn Gourmet


So if I said to you that the best Chinese food in DC is in a shady Days Inn, would you believe me?  Well I thought the same thing, HELL NO! This part of DC, a short strip on New York Ave with run down hotel chains and fast food drive ins has a reputation for being “not tourist friendly,” to say it lightly.

So I had to check this place out and make it a local trip to China with Panda Gourmet (

You drive up to this sketchy motel and see the bright neon signs for Panda Gourmet.  When you walk in, everything is in Chinese and no one speaks English – strong hints that I knew this was the place to be in DC for Chinese food.

Now of course the service was slow and the server didn’t speak much English. When the food is so damn good, who cares?  We started with what was suggested on review sites, a spicy wonton appetizer. They came afloat in a sauce that I wanted to drink when the wontons were done.

For entrees we ordered Mongolian lamb and double cooked pork.  The entrees were freaking delicious and makes me regret all the Chinese food I ate in Miami growing up.  Nothing down there can compare to the flavors of this place.  The fried rice was fantastic and could have been completely finished if not for feeling overly full.

Now if you grew up in Miami and were Jewish you went to New Chinatown every year for Christmas. If you aren’t one of these two things you just don’t get how important good Chinese food is. I personally could eat a bowl of lo mein or fried rice every night if allowed.

Panda Gourmet chews New Chinatown up and spits it out.  There is nothing better than going to a sketchy neighborhood, walking into sketchy motel, and ordering the best Chinese food in DC.  I will definitely come back here and suggest it to anyone that asks.  Plus we used a Groupon, how much more Jewish could I be



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