Burma: Home Cooking Disaster


Burma, dear Burma, I don’t dislike you.  I mean I hardly know you and I’m sure if I visited you I wouldn’t dislike your food.  However, after this night I will never attempt to cook Burmese at home again.

The only way to really tell you how bad this food was is to let you know at about 9:30PM we ordered Domino’s.

We spent the morning trying to find out what we should call the country, Burma or Myanmar.  This obviously took me longer than necessary.  I found out that Myanmar is what Burma is recognized as today.  We went with Burmese food since this was the cuisine for so long in this country.  Myanmar, as it is known as today, is only such after military control left in 2011.

Now that we all know about the history of Burma/Myanmar, lets get to the fun part of this story. We decided earlier in the day to go to an international grocery nearby in Maryland.  This grocery, which I can’t even find on Google Maps, has EVERYTHING!  Just about any international vegetable, fruit, or package you can find is sold here.  Bridget was ready to spend hours here (I felt like we did).

While shopping at this market we thought it would be good to prepare two cuisines over the next couple days.  Before we left Bridget randomly picked an Asian country.  For some reason, I still thinks she regrets it, she picked Burma.  We also shopped for the next night of cooking, Belizean cuisine.

I should of known looking at the ingredients and cooking directions how this night was going to go.  The “curry” chicken dish asked for shrimp paste.  It is exactly what you think it is, gross, and after using 2 teaspoons the bottle was trashed.  The chicken curry never really got that flavor we were looking for.  Other than it being totally bland, the shrimp paste made it have such a fishy flavor I could barely stand one bite.

The other entree we made was a beef curry with potatoes and okra.  This was another cluster of a mess that turned out to be a disaster of a dish as well.  The beef was slow cooked with a crushed powder that we had to make by hand.  This turned out to be a long process which gave the food no flavor.  Another thing that didn’t help was that we had no idea how to prepare the okra.  We just threw them in, which I realized after cooking was not the way to do it.

The two “curry” dishes were complete failures.  The only thing that came out slightly good was the prepackaged naan bread we bought.  Otherwise the 4 hours of preparing and cooking this Burmese cuisine was a total fail.

Thanks to Dominos we were able to feed our hanger (hunger + anger = hangry) and end the night full. I’m sorry to disappoint anyone that wants to come over for dinner, but we will not be having Burmese cuisine.  Trust me this is best for everyone.



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