Georgia and Tunisia: Cultures Collide at Compass Rose


After reading this you all might be disappointed this is not Georgia in the Southern part of America.  And we are not writing about: Fried Chicken, Mac and Cheese, Collard Greens, Peach Pie, and Sweet Tea.  This is actually the eastern European country Georgia, sorry to disappoint.  It is a story about an Eastern European country coming together with a North African country cuisine in a DC eatery.  

Most nights I come from work and I see two dogs and a Bridget sound asleep.  Thankfully I got a rare night off and was able to meet Bridget out and about.  The best part about this night was that I met her at a venue we were looking at for our wedding.  Turns out it the perfect spot and a date was set!

Instead of ruining the surprise of where the wedding will be on here, I will leave it the invitations and most likely a Facebook status, I am just gonna skip to the cuisine.  We decided to head to a little place on U Street called Compass Rose (  I knew little to nothing about this place but have heard about an amazing Georgian specialty they served called, “Khachapuri.”  After watching a video on how it was made on DCist I had high expectations.  To make a long story short, it was AH-mazing.  (You’re still gonna get the long story anyways.)

After sitting down we noticed the menu had “specialties” and “street foods” from many different countries.   We figured it would be fun to add another country cuisine tonight by eating a street food.  Along with the Khachapuri we ordered Chicken Skewers that were Tunisian.


Now I know what you are thinking, “Chicken Skewers?”  Well it wasn’t that it was just chicken skewers.  It was the seasoning they used, Peppadew pepper, and a very flavorful pea-nutty couscous.   The skewers came with a side of a pomegranate molassas to dip in.  Now this may not be a Tunisian “specialty” but being that is a common street food in this country,  I feel like I was there with this dish (OK not really.)

Now let me get to this Khachapuri.  If you like butter, if you like cheese, and if you like pizza then this is for you.  If you don’t like any of those three, we shouldn’t be friends and you should never read this blog again.  After eating the skewers and a few other side dishes, Bridget and I were mostly full.   Then our server brought out a what looked like to be a giant dough open-faced sandwich with cheese, raw egg and butter (tons of butter.)   We both said we’ll have one piece only.

The server prepared the dish and told us the egg cooked in the hot cheese, which it did.  She explained that in Georgian homes they eat it from the outside in, so we did the same.  We each had one piece.  And then we each had another. And another.  Very quickly the dish was gone and we were happily full.

After this meal the state of Georgia’s cuisine is a close second to the country Georgia.  (Don’t worry I will still eat fried chicken, mac and cheese, collard greens,  and peach pie)



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