New Zealand: Kiwi Kuisine


I spent many days on the interwebs looking for cuisine in the local area from the land down under, Australia.  During these searches google kept showing me a small cafe in Arlington called Cassatt’s (  I figured if I can’t have Australian then New Zealand is not far off.

We planned to go out to Alexandria later in the day for Top Golf.  But before heading to the best driving range ever we went for an early lunch (NOT BRUNCH!).  Why not start the day with what has to be the best combo of foods: meat and pie.

Bridget started her meal with a “flat white.”  Apparently there is a fight between Australia and New Zealand as to this drink’s origin.  Either way Cassatt’s claimed it was Kiwi, so we went with it.   A flat white is just latte art of steamed milk on top of an espresso.


Bridget and I ordered two different meat pies for our meal.  I went with a shepherds meat pie.  It came as a meat pie with potatoes baked on top.  Bridget ordered the chicken curry meat pie for her meal.  Her pie was filling and tasted great.  The meat pies came with a side salad that went perfectly with the pies.  The one thing that were not too sure about was that red sauce side in the pictures.

First off, let me say that thanks to Bridget I try any type of food and my horizons have been enormously broadened.  I have found a few things I do not enjoy and this “red sauce” was definitely one of them.  Turns out after we both tried it and were not fans, the server let us know it was chutney.  It was a tomato chutney that looked to be raisins in it as well.  We tasted it, grimaced, and moved on.

The meat pies were great by themselves but of course I couldn’t pass on a fun side dish called: Bubble and Squeak Potatoes.  If you have read any past posts of mine you know I like foods with fun names.  What can be more fun than Bubble and Squeak?  They are basically a breakfast potatoes that are mush of veggies too.  It looks like leftovers mixed together with potatoes.  Look may not be great but the taste is excellent.

All you have to say is Bubble and Squeak and I’d take that 18 hour trip to Auckland.  (Learning capitals while you eat)



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