Austria: Schnitzel in Georgetown


Once again we didn’t really choose this country’s cuisine as this was a mystery shop.  We had dinner at an Austrian restaurant in the Georgetown area of DC, Kafe Leopold (

This quaint restaurant is a hidden gem with an outside patio right off an alley in Georgetown.   We started at the bar and I ordered a Stiegl Goldbrau, an Austrian made lager.  I ordered Bridget’s drink when she went to use the bathroom.  Apparently my memory is fantastic (sarcasm) and disappears after about 20 seconds.  She got a Cucumber Fizz because this is what I thought she told me she wanted.

Now since this was a mystery shop and I had to write a “review” for this restaurant once, I am going to spare you the details of the service.  I will just let you know that it was slow and bad.  The one thing that always makes up for bad service, fantastic food.

We started the meal with an appetizer, Kleine gerostete Calamari.  When it finally reached our table it was heavenly.  I may not eat much seafood but I am a big fan of calamari and Kafe Leopold didn’t disappoint.

We were told by the server their two best dishes were the Schintzel and Spatzle.  Other than these two words being incredibly fun to say over and over, the dishes were classic Austrian cuisine.  The schnitzel were two huge pieces of veal and a bed of arugula on top.  On the side came a bowl of potato salad.  This place knew what they were doing with this potato salad.  Usually it has way too much mustard but the addition of pickles and dill made it worthy of devouring.

Bridget got the Käsespätzle, an Austrian dumpling dish with fried onions on top.  The spaetzle was delicious and went down well with an Austrian red wine.  After we were done helping eat each others entrees we prepared the best part of this country’s cuisine, dessert!

Now what I didn’t mention before was that we sat near the bakery display case and stared at it all meal.  In fact a few times I got up just to see what the pastries and chocolates looked like closer up.  The dessert menu was long and overwhelming so we went with again the server’s suggestions: Apfelstrudel & Mohr Im Head.


The original picture of dinner was too small to enjoy how good these desserts were I had to post another solo shot.  Actually the pictures do not do justice of how amazing these desserts were.  The Apfelstrudel was a warm strudel with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  The Mohr Im Head was basically a chocolate lava cake with coffee ice cream scooped on top.  I can’t stand coffee ice cream but that didn’t deter me from this dessert.  Even after being full from dinner we made sure to eat more than necessary because of how good these desserts were.

I came in thinking that Austrian cuisine was basically the same as Germany.  I couldn’t be more wrong after this dinner.  If I ever go to Austria I am just going to fatten myself on strudel and chocolates.



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