United Kingdom: Sunday Roast & Liverpool Football


I always thought the main cuisine you eat in United Kingdom was “fish and chips.” Apparently the “Sunday roast” is a tradition in the British world that was started back in the day after church services.  The traditional Sunday roast is served with a roasted meat, roasted potatoes and vegetables, Yorkshire pudding and a hefty serving of gravy.  It then follows with arguments between family members, lots of alcohol, and plenty of football on TV.  Luckily for us we found a local British pub that combines all this, The Queen Vic (www.thequeenvicdc.com). The Queen Vic is a local British pub on H Street in DC.  So we made the short drive over there for the Sunday roast.  What we did not know was that this pub was a Liverpool bar.  I noticed there were many red shirts and people yelling at a TV early in the day on a Sunday, not knowing there was a soccer match on.


As most people might know I don’t like soccer or football, whatever you wanna call it.  It is just people running back and forth to end in a 0-0 draw.  Someone needs to tell me the point.  However, this is the most watched sport in the world and I will just have to live with that.

One of my favorite things about the UK is the beer choices.  I do enjoy myself a nice English pale ale every now and then.  The one that caught my eye was an ale made by Black Sheep called: Monty Python’s Holy Grail ale.  The only way this could be more British is if it was called Benny Hill ale.  Bridget ordered a cider for her beverage of choice from William Sir Perry, pear flavored.


I think Bridget’s favorite part of this meal was choosing what to get off the menu.  For the Sunday roast you get either beef or lamb, only decision you had to make.  Bridget is not a fan of too many choices, so this one decision might of been her easiest at a restaurant.  I decided to go for the lamb and Bridget went for the beef for our Sunday roasts. The roasts were served in two large bowls with basically gravy on everything (not complaining.)  The lamb and beef were very tender and had a flavor only a person with taste buds would enjoy.  The potatoes were roasted in duck fat so I don’t even have to explain how good they were.  The mixed veggies were enjoyable but somewhat odd in the gravy.

As we were enjoying our roasts,  Liverpool scored or someone faked an injury I’m not too sure.  The game ended in the most exciting way possible in sports, a tie!!!! I just don’t get it. However, I totally understood why people did this on Sundays in the UK.  After eating this heavy meal, there is no way to get off the couch and you can enjoy the futbal matches all day happily filled with food and beer.  Even though I could live this each Sunday, I’m gonna stick with my fat American food and REAL football on Sundays in the fall.  I will sneak in an English ale in that mix every now again though.



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