Uruguay: Gas Station Sandwiches


During this food adventure I have enjoyed the many random places we have found cuisines.  This one in particular is one of the best and most original.  Not only is it owner of one of the best sandwiches in DC, it is in a gas station.  That’s right this “restaurant”, Fast Gourmet (fastgourmetdc.com) is hidden behind a Valero near U street.

Retrieved from Burgerdays.com

Fast Gourmet might be the only gas station in DC I would happily go to in order to get a satisfying meal.  Not only do they make great sandwiches, they specialize in a Uruguayan delicacy.  This sandwich is called a Chivito.

The chivito is a national dish that is served in places all over Uruguay.  This sandwich is quite large and greasy, just the way I like it.  The main protein is a grilled tenderloin topped with so many ingredients I lost count while chewing.  The steak is topped with mozzarella, ham, bacon, green olives, hard boiled eggs, lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo.  It is also layered with a special sauce called “escabeche.”  This is a mix of peppers, onions, and garlic in olive oil.  This is all piled in a soft bun that is lightly toasted, resulting in a taste like a crescent roll.

Mostly these sandwiches are served with a side of fries, which I ordered.  As you might guest the sandwich pictured up top on left.  For some reason mine looks much cheesier and greasier; however, this didn’t stop me from eating it before Bridget started her 2nd half.  Bridget went with the typical South American side of plantains.  Which from what she says was a great call and went well with the chivito.

Can’t imagine I’ll find another gas station that has such a tasty sandwich much less any food.  Wawa might be second in line but the gap is quite big.



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