Columbia: A Dinner Adventure in Photos

Instead of simply writing about the meal we enjoyed this time, Matt and I decided to try another approach, a photo blog.

Disclaimer: We were still getting the hang of taking photos and at the right moment so bare with us! 

For our next food adventure we are off to South America to try Colombian cuisine. The closest Colombian restaurant was pretty far from us so we decided to try cooking it a few dishes at home. How’d they turn out? Check out the photos below and see for yourself!

Cubed steak marinating in onion, cumin, garlic, and beer (Miller High Life). After 5+ hours it will become chuzos de res.
Marinated steak was placed on skewers to be grilled.
And then it was grilled to perfection.
While the steak marinated, we got to work on the next Colombia dish – arepas de queso.
We mixed the masarepa with the secret ingredient and formed palm sized balls to that we would then press into round discs.

OK, the secret ingredient was cheese! I know you were dying to know.

The discs are then pan fried. This proved to test my patience. Like I’ve learned while frying plantains, hovering over the pan and poking at it does not make it cook faster. Not pictured: The arepa that fell apart because I watched it too hard.
See these three are perfection! We’re just not going to talk about the fourth.
While I was poking at the arepas (figuratively), Matt got started on the last Colombian dish we were making – papas saladas (salted potatoes). What may seem like a harmless pot of water with small red potatoes is actually a pot of water with small red potatoes with A LOT of salt.
The potatoes are boiled until all of the water evaporates leaving behind a crust of salt.
IMG_2226 (1)
Finally it all came together to form a plate of Colombian perfection (with some salad for color).
Buen Provecho!



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