South Africa: On Safari for Tasty Pudding


Months ago, before we started on this adventurous challenge, I put out a text to a friend that was a native to South Africa. Thanks to Lynne Rosenkoff I was given a few recipes to try from and from that text I picked 2. I knew that this was a country I wanted to cook at home and enjoy because the recipes she shared with me looked too good to not attempt.  Tonight we cooked bobotie for our main course and a dessert called malva.

This adventure started out with me taking over and doing all the cooking.  I had a random night off and ran to the grocery to get a few ingredients.  Some of the ingredients were a little strange (apricot jam, stale bread, golden raisins) but I went with it.

This brings us to the story within in the story.  I went to our “distressed” Safeway near us.  As I am searching the store all over for these random ingredients I hear a loud yelling by the front.  I, of course, had to find out what the commotion was all about.  As I was making my way to the front I hear over the intercom, “Security to the front for a fight.”  Not only did this get me moving faster to the front of the store, but everyone else.  I got there too late, sadly, to see any good punches but got to see 2 security guards rolling on the floor with 3 large women.  Hair was being pulled, pants were being pulled down, and there was plenty of hollering.  No blood so no real fun but the theater that went before dinner was enjoyed.

So finally I got the hell out of that Safeway and made it home.

The first dish we made was the bobotie.  Bobotie is basically a meatloaf bake but with totally different ingredients.  We went with the healthy version and used ground turkey instead of pork (I know, crazy!).  Folded into the meat is chopped up dried apricots, raisins, and apples.  And finally, I mixed in tons of spices, the majority being curry powder.  Bridget tossed all the ingredients and cooked them in a pan, when done she threw it in a pyrex dish.  I whipped up a custard to throw on top and we had bobotie.  Cooked for an hour, it turned into a tasty South African meatloaf.

unnamed (3)

To go with the dish we made some yellow rice and peas.  Both sides are traditionally eaten with bobotie.  The meal was fantastic, the fruit was a little different with the meat but we both gobbled it up.

unnamed (2)

During our last home cooked adventures dessert was not really important or even thought of.  I was not having that with this meal and so we decided to make a dish called malva.  Malva is a South African sweet pudding.  When I say sweet,  I am not doing the dessert justice, it is beyond sweet.

Let me put it this way, the dessert asked for almost a whole stick of butter, 5 ounces of sugar, and fresh cream.  Mind you, this is only the sauce that goes on top of the pudding, which has plenty of sugar and butter as well.   The dish was quite easy to make and came out perfectly.  The dessert was half gone before I realized it and was the highlight of the night.


A big thanks to Lynne for the great ideas and recipes she texted me.  That South African blood runs deep in her and I still have no idea what she is doing with Matt Rosenkoff.



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