Indonesia: Sate on Wheels


After enjoying over different and unique cuisines from 30+ countries we wanted to try something new in the way the food is served.  We have gone to a variety of restaurants and made many successful (one not so much) meals at home.  DC has become a very popular place for another way to enjoy a meal while on the go, food trucks.

The Sate food truck is the only known local producer of authentic Indonesian cuisine.  Thanks to the government giving us an extra holiday day off of July 3, Bridget was able to join me.  We hopped in my truck and took off for Metro Center.


Coming into this experience I didn’t know too much about Indonesia or its cuisine.  For one thing I had no idea (neither did Bridget) where the country was even located, exactly.  I came to find out it was south of Vietnam area and just north of Australia.  The islands that Indonesia makes me want to go for a trip, if only you didn’t have to fly over seas over 12 hours.  What I also didn’t know was what their cuisine was made of.  I came to find out that their cuisine was an excellent mix of Asian treats.


Most food trucks have 2-3 items to choose from and usually consist of a veggie, chicken or beef dish.  Sate food truck had a wide selection of food to choose from but the one thing that stayed consistent was the spiciness.  Asian food sure love their spiciness which is probably why we enjoy it so much.

Bridget ordered the Mie Ayam, a common noodle dish served in most Indonesian cities.  Mie Ayam is an egg noodle dish that is served with bok choy and cremini mushrooms.  The noodles are sauteed in a sesame sauce and served with braised chicken.  With the dish are stuffed wontons served on top.  Not totally sure what the wontons were stuffed with but they were excellent.



I went with a dish that a little bit of everything from the menu.  I really wanted the curry and the kebobs (or as I later learned that a sate was the Indonesian version of a kebob).  The chicken sate was soaked in delicious peanut sauce.  The sate was served next to a bed of jasmine rice and the Rendang.

Rendang originated in Indonesia and is a spicy meat dish that doesn’t look particularly colorful; however, the flavor and heat of the dish is that to be desired for.  On the side came a corn fritter and small amount of green veggie of the day.  I assume, from tasting it, the veggie was mix of cabbage and a type of greens.  If not for the intense heat of the Rendang, the dish would of been eaten too fast because of how good it was.


After dropping a fork right after the first bite, the rest of the meal was enjoyable.  We enjoyed the warm summer day in a park near the food truck.  The birds enjoyed my rice I dropped along with my fork as well.  Indonesia may be half way across the world and somewhere I’d never fly to but Sate truck makes it feel so close.



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