Bolivia: Tradición Bolivian


Sibarita Restaurant of Arlington, VA offers delectable, authentic Bolivian cuisine at affordable prices. We chose Sibarita not only because it is the only Bolivian restaurant in the DMV, but also because of it’s high marks on yelp. Abby lived in Bolivia for a summer and has been dying to eat the food again, and Sibarita delivered, offering delectable, authentic Bolivian cuisine at affordable prices.


We walked into the restaurant, it’s not huge on the inside, but they have a nice patio out back for those who want to chill with a beer, which Jake did, or a nonalcoholic drink, which Abby and Bridget did. The Quilmes beer was light but flavorful and from Argentina. Abby ordered the peach tea after the waitress suggested it but it was really too sweet- if you like southern style sweet tea, then this is for you.

For starters, we ordered the Ceviche de Camarones and the Mote con Queso. The former was a refreshing blend of shrimp and citrus flavors; the latter, a corn kernel based dish with salty white cheese, served with fried plantain chips. Of these two, the Mote wins. Its kernels are meaty and taste similar to a legume, and the soft, delicate nature of the cheese and the crisp, bright yellow qualities of the chips complement each other well.


For dinner, each of us ordered a different dish: Bridget and Abby ordering off of the soup menu and Matt and Jake off of the grilled menu. Sopa de Mani (peanut soup) was Abby’s favorite dish in Bolivia and this soup definitely brought her back. It doesn’t taste exactly like peanuts, as its name describes but rather a thicker, more potato-tasting soup. It included potatoes, thin strips of potato chips and a piece of lamb on the bone.


Bridget ordered Asado Borracho, which as Steak cooked in beer broth with stew tomatoes, onions, jalapenos. Served with potatoes and topped with fried eggs. There was so much food, after filling up on the soup, she had another portion for lunch the next day.


Matt scarfed down Pincho, which was skewered chicken and beef, onions, and peppers cooked on the grill. Served with yucca frita and cabbage salad.


And Jake finished off his Pollo a la Parilla, grilled chicken thighs served with rice, salad and fries.  The chicken came with very fat and thick fries, which were awesome but could have used a dipping sauce. Warning: the restaurant did not serve ketchup, so if you are a ketchup-lover then bring your own.


Overall Sibarita had great food and a relaxing ambiance. Don’t go there if you want a fancy restaurant, but if you want simple and traditional Bolivian comfort food on a relaxing patio.

-Jake & Abby


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