Morocco: Mediterranean Delivered to our Door

One thing I have come to learn about DC is that EVERYTHING is deliverable. Ordering pizza, Chinese food and other delivery food is usually unhealthy and not very fresh.  ScratchDC ( has created a service that only delivers you fresh foods but its ready to be cooked when it arrives in the box.


As seen above the food is delivered in a box on our door step while we work. Ice packs in the box keep the ingredients cool while it’s out on the porch.  In this box is a brown box that contains the ingredients tied nicely with string.


Inside this box is a large amount of fresh ingredients to make a meal to die for.  This boxed meal kit included fresh marinated chicken, couscous, and all the spices needed to make a fantastic Moroccan dish.


This night Bridget cooked the dish while I was at softball.  We both went with the assumption we could enjoy it together when I get home.  Little did we know we would be taking a drive to the end of the metro line (more to come about this) instead.

This meal was very simple to make and Bridget threw it together with ease.  She pan fried the chicken and cooked the couscous in a pot.

photo 2 (1)photo 1 (1)

To go with the dish Bridget cooked up some greens (mostly kale and spinach.)  By the time it was done I should of been home from my softball game and enjoying dinner with Bridget.  However, I wouldn’t end up eating until 10pm, after a drive to the end of the metro line.

Why you ask?

Oh maybe I left my wallet on the train, which AMAZINGLY was found by a metro worker.  Nothing was missing from the wallet, not a cent.  After driving, happily, all the way out to Largo, I got my wallet back and headed back home to enjoy Bridget’s Moroccan dish.  Waiting for me was my dish to enjoy and hardly taste because I was so hungry and ate so fast.

photo 3 (2)

Thanks to Bridget’s excellent cooking and a squirt of lemon, this meal was a fantastic way to enjoy some of Morocco’s cuisine.

Of course you can’t end the night with just an amazing meal.  I surprised Bridget and went to a Mediterranean bakery the day before.  I brought home some freshly made baklava to go with this meal.  A wonderful sweet treat to have for dessert.

Almond (top left), Pistachio (on right), Pecan (front left)

Dessert is always an important part of any meal and I wanted to enjoy Morocco’s sweet treats.  Morocco was hand delivered to our door by an excellent service that is ScratchDC.  It was easy to make and couldn’t have been better if I wanted it to be.  We enjoyed an entree with such fantastic meals  separately but Bridget waited for me and we enjoyed the sweet treats together.  There was no other way we would of done it.



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