Norway: Pancakes and Boredom

photo 3

After close to 40 different country cuisines it is starting to get harder to find something new.  Even harder than that is trying to find one that serves a traditional dish we can get for brunch.  Turns out we were able to find a Scandinavian restaurant, Domku, in the north part of DC that serves Norwegian food.

It also turns out that Domku ( serves many cuisines from this region as well.  Trying to find a traditional Norwegian cuisine in this place wasn’t that easy but was done.  Bridget and I found a few but were not very impressed.  I think the 45 minutes might be stretching how long we stayed in here.  The best part of our visit were these awesome (slightly scary) paintings on the wall.

photo 1

The food was a bit boring and nothing very exciting. Bridget got Salmon Pytt I Panna, a hash flaked with salmon and a poached egg.  On that was a Dijonnaise sauce with roe.  Unsurprisingly, since this region of food is known for their seafood, the food was a bit fishy but overall enjoyed.


I went a more traditional route and ordered something a big more sweet.  I got the Norwegian pancakes, which were a little something different than I expected.   It was served as a large flat pancake taking up the entire plate, with a large amount of fresh fruit in the middle.  Again, nothing too exciting looking about this meal.  Served with a side of lavender syrup (meh), I mixed up the fruit and rolled up the pancake.


I have come to see the Scandinavian region has a pretty similar cuisine throughout.  I’m sure Norway and Domku have better and more traditional dishes they would recommend as well.  However, on our Norwegian morning out we did not encounter anything too exciting to enjoy.



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