Netherlands: Amsterdam Street Food In Photos

Matt is playing in a softball league this summer on Mondays on the mall so we planned to head up 14th St to enjoy some food from the Netherlands. Our target was Amsterdam Falafel Shop. Falafel is a common street food in the Netherlands brought over by Middle Eastern immigrants.

Amsterdam Falafel Shop on 14th St. This is bigger than their location in Adams Morgan with a ton more places to sit.
20150803_181545 After orderings your falafel, you move down to a self-serve toppings bar. In addition to traditional toppings like tahini and hummus, you can also load up on pickled cabbage, cucumber and tomato salad, sour pickle slices, baba ganoush, and beets.
photo 1 (1)
Breaking tradition, I opted for a falafel bowl. This was all strategy though. It takes a lot of patience and skill to mash the falafel balls down in the pita so you can load up all of the yummy toppings. With the bowl, I could load up as much as I wanted. Side note: the bowl is charged by the pound, so be careful how liberal you are with your loading.
photo 3 (1)
My favorite part of a falafel may just be the warm, fresh pita. I couldn’t miss out on an opportunity to have one with this meal; I chose whole wheat to keep it a little healthy. Truth time: the regular pita is waaaay better.
photo 2
Matt went the traditional route and got a small falafel with three balls in a pita. He topped his high with cabbage and cucumber salad. We both got a Dutch beer to go with our meals, Oranjeboom. It was a smooth beer but possibly a little too heavy for the weather and the food.
photo 5
If my favorite part of the falafel is the pita, my favorite part of Amsterdam Falafel Shop is the fries. They are crisp and soft and just the right amount of salty. Amsterdam Falafel fries are double fried and severed with a variety of dipping sauces. Pictured here is curried ketchup, fritesaus (garlic mayo-y), and peanutsaus (peanut sauce).
photo 3 (2)
Since there was a dessert option, we had to include it in our experience. It’s no secret I’m a sucker for caramel so these sweet cookie-like stroopwafels were a perfect finish to our meal.
We saw this gem at check out. What may seem like the obvious is not always the case in DC.



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