Ghana, Nigeria & Ivory Coast: African Fest

After a delicious Filipino meal earlier in the day we set out for the Silver Spring annual African Fest.  We had no idea which country cuisine we would have tonight but were sure of one thing, we weren’t hungry.  However, I couldn’t help myself and this was a special event I wanted to go to in order to enjoy African cuisine.


The fest was a mixture of many different African cultures and cuisines.  We noticed that there was a good selection of cuisines to choose from so we chose not to choose.  With there being such a variety we ate a bite from a few different countries.

To start we found a Nigerian specialty: Suya.  This is basically a spicy shish kabob and when I say spicy I am not kidding.  This line for suya by Suya Master ( was the longest by far.  We split up our order and got 2 beef and 1 chicken suya.  He asked if we wanted it spicy and I was adventurous enough to go with it.  Hot was an understatement but the flavor was ridiculously good.

The Suyamaster
Freshly grilled
20150809_171242 (1)
Suya beef and chicken

I then got the taste for some stew. I found a Ghanaian (looked this up to make sure it was correct) tent with a Waakye and stew.  Waakye is basically rice and beans cooked together.  On top of the waakye was served stewed chicken.  The chicken had good flavor and fell right off the bone.

Waakye with stewed chicken

After enjoying this meal Bridget and I watched the fashion show going on in the main area.  This was enjoyable but both of us were stuffed.  However, there was one item I didn’t want to pass up on and never will: doughnuts.

I found an Ivory Coast tent that sold freshly made fry donuts, which is a African specialty.  They have many names across the continent but in Ivory Coast they are called Gbofloto.  They are a sweet and need no sauce, but would of been delicious with some on it.

20150809_174003 (1)
Proudly showing their Ivory Coast colors
Freshly fried
Fry Donuts (Gbfloto)

To wash down this meal we definitely didn’t need anything sweeter but got something anyways.  I bought a Jus de la passion, Passion Fruit drink.


We came out with a full stomach and but I made some room for the delicious African cuisines.  Bridget maybe not as much as me.  I enjoyed the variety and seeing the cultures shared with people of all cultures.  DC is best for this and I will always love it



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