Paraguay: Messy Plates

Going from 5 to 4 days a week of work leaves me sometimes just simply, bored.  Today was no exception and I decided to prepare another fun home cooked cuisine.  Tonight’s cuisine of choice was Paraguayan!

For this meal I found a few sites online that spoke of the traditional foods of Paraguay.  The most popular of these dishes I found was a “soup” and meat pie.  I put “soup” because it was barely that; however, as I explain more of the Paraguayan way you will understand.

The first dish I found to make was sopa Paraguayan.  From that I had to assume a Paraguayan soup, boy was I wrong.  The sopa Paraguayan was originally a soup but accidentally too much corn flour was added and this dish was discovered.  I would describe it as as souffle or quiche almost.


It had THREE onions in it, so that was the majority of the flavor but was mixed well with eggs, milk and cheese.  With adding the cornmeal, it thickened up while cooking.  I wasn’t too sure how it was going to turn out and was pretty scared.  After an hour of baking in the oven it came out brown and fluffy in the bread pan.  I cut around the sides and flipped it over on a plate.  It came out a little softer than it should have and looked like a hot mess.  However, the dish tasted fantastic, maybe a bit too many onions, but had great flavor.


The other dish we went ahead and tried was the So’o Ku’i.  This is basically Paraguayan style of meat pie.  I cooked up some rice and beef, mixed them together for the filling.  Seasoned it with plenty of salt and cumin.  I baked a few pastry shells and hollowed them out when done.  I filled them and whallah! it was done. This dish was very easy to make and tasted great.


On the side we went the standard fried plantains.  Sadly the local groceries don’t have the best selection of plantains right now (took two stores to even find some.) They were good but not as sweet as preferred.

Thanks to great company by half the Devitos we had a great meal at home on a Tuesday night.  The night start rough in the kitchen and I was unsure how the meal would come out.  But after watching Bridget and Michael clean their plates I was happy with how it turned out.



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