Thailand: Tiny Fiery Pots

I love Thai food. Since my first bite of pad Thai as a child, I was hooked. Since then I’ve experimented with cooking Thai, I’ve eaten at dozens of restaurants and tried as many dishes. Matt does not like Thai. This makes it hard for me to get my Thai fix. You all can imagine how excited I was when it was finally time for Thai in our country cuisine challenge! Since we ate at Thai Xing ( for our anniversary last year we wanted to try a new spot. As a side tangent though, I will say that Thai Xing is a delicious and intimate Thai dinner experience.

I learned of BKK Cookshop (BKK is the airport code for Bangkok) opening quite some time ago and told Matt to add it to our list of places to try. The early descriptions of their menu sounded unique and not like your typical watered-down American Thai restaurants. The chef of another local Thai restaurant promised to bring small plates and main dishes, with a Thai street food-inspired flair.

Matt and I started out with a few drinks and some appetizers. I ordered a Thai ice tea and Matt ordered a Singha beer, which they sold on draft.


We kind of went a little crazy with our appetizers and ordered a few. We started out just getting the steamed buns (yep, they’re a Thai food, we checked) but then we saw something that looked too good to pass up. Our second choice was a dish called son-in-law eggs. I’ll just gloss over the buns. The eggs, on the other hand, were exceptional.

Son-in-law eggs are two hard boiled eggs halved and fried and then covered in a sweet sauce, BKK Cookshop used a tamrind sauce. At first read, it doesn’t sound like a tasty combo but after first bite, you’ll already be reaching for a second.


For our main course, Matt ordered the boat noodle bowl dish. Which was a choice of pork or beef (he went with beef) in a spicy broth, herbs and spices, with rice noodles, and veggies. I tried some, it wasn’t too spicy. Matt slurped up the whole dish.

20150825_174937I chose the Bangkok spicy noodles,a  rice noodle dish tossed with ground pork, crushed peanuts, and bean sprouts. My dish was spicy as well but the spice did not take over the Thai flavors. I didn’t finish my meal but not because I didn’t enjoy it, I was stuffed from all of the great food we tried.

My Bangkok noodles
Matt’s boat noodle bowl

You may have noticed all of the mysterious silver pots in the photo of Matt’s dish (oh you didn’t, I’ll wait here while you scroll back up and look). The server brought out this quad of little silver pots. Pretty much everything in the pots was a spicy sauce of some kind. After all the spicy food I’d tried, I passed on taste testing the sauces (especially after our sever gave us a pretty stern warning on the heat level).


To top off a great dinner al fresco on a mild summer evening in DC, we were treated to live entertainment. A young neighborhood boy was playing his violin outside of the restaurant because, “he wants to save money to buy legos.” At least that’s what his mom told us.


Not sure if you’ll get the entertainment every but the great food will certainly be available. I know I’ll be back as soon as I can!



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