Romania: Street Food cu Bacon


Being off 3 days a week now is a freedom my ADHD cannot handle.  Due to this fact I planned a dinner to cook when Bridget got home from work.  I am not too sure how happy about it she is but the shopping and prepping for the meal is complete before she comes home.  Mind you I go and pick her up from work too.  Tonight’s meal I got ready to make was Romanian.

Romania has such a wide variety of foods to make it was hard to choose.  I went an easier way out and chose to go with some street food made in this country.  We didn’t want anything heavy and going this way with Romanian food was the best choice.

For the protein on the entree we went with a marinated chicken kabob called Frigarui.  I marinated the chicken for about 4 hours with herbs, ginger, yogurt and even a little sugar.

After throwing the chicken pieces on a few skewers with onions and peppers I threw them on the grill.  The flavor on these kabobs was outstanding and went perfect with the meal.


To go along with the chicken I found a fun recipe for a potato dish called Cartofi Copti cu bacon.  Even before realizing what the dish was I was sold on the “bacon” part.   This side dish was not fun to make and that’s why I let Bridget do it.  Splitting the potato open and stuffing with butter and garlic is meant for delicate fingers, not my fat fingers.


I looked for a green to go on the side as well and found a dish called Fasoli Verde cu Rosii, otherwise known as green beans with tomato.   The dish was pretty simple to make but came out delicious.


Romania is a small country that before tonight I couldn’t have even told you where it is exactly on a map (between Bulgaria and Ukraine.)  I may not have written a whole lot about this meal but it was fantastic.  The chicken came out with tons of flavor, the potatoes were full of bacon and cheese and the veggies were a unique mix of greens and tomato.  A small country with large flavors is the best way to describe this Romanian cuisine.



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