Hungary: Let the P(h)un Begin!

We recently made a Hungarian meal at home. I was beyond excited to make food from Hungry. Not because I’ve tasted Hungarian before, I’ve never had it to my knowledge. Why I was excited was because this meal was going to open the gates for puns! And I. LOVE. PUNS!!! Matt hates puns. Our marriage will be a match made in heaven.

I volunteered to write this post so I could have free range on how many puns to include. You’ve been warned.

Cooking started the night before to create this cuisine with prepping a cheese spread.
Cooking started the night before to create this cuisine with prepping a cheese spread.
We mixed the ingredients together (caraway seeds, feta cheese, scallions, cream cheese, Hungarian paprika, and pepper) so they could meld together to create, Korozott.
All ready for the fridge!
All ready for the fridge! I’m a hand model in another life.

While you wait for the cheese to meld into a very rye-y tasting cheese spread…that cheese may be Gouda, but this is Feta.

Day 2 we really got down to cooking. Main dish is chicken paprikash.
Chicken roasts in the oven for a bit turning this golden brown color. Did I tell you that time I slept in a chicken coop? I knew then I was down on my cluck.
To top the chicken and sides, you make a gravy from the droppings after roasting the chicken.
Then you add a little sour cream to thicken it up and make it extra creamy.
This Hungarian chicken dish is typically served with dumplings called Nokedli.
When asked what it takes to be a great cook the chef said that it boils down to beating the other chefs to the cutting edge recipes.
After cooking quickly in boiling water, they’re spooned into a yummy bowl of goodness.
Finally, the cheese spread is ready! This is typically enjoyed with veggies – we went with carrots.
This photo doesn’t do the dish justice. The little pillow-y dumplings melded great with the chicken gravy and the chicken was flavorful and tender. These recipes may just end up in our regular dinner rotation.

We can’t end like this…here’s one more!

I keep trying to make a butter pun but the margarine of error is too great!



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