Venezuela: Festival and a Food Truck

Every year DC has an event that includes art, food and beer called Crafty Bastards.  Artists of all types come from around the country to sell their crafts.  Included in this event are a ton of food trucks to grab a bite to eat after shopping.  One of the food trucks was one we were dying to have since we started this challenge: Arepa Zone.


Arepas area a Venezuelan treat that we both grew up having in South Florida.  I used to get one every time I went to a Marlins game as a kid.  Arepas are flatbread made out of maize (corn) usually stuffed with a queso.  Arepa Zone had a variety of arepas to choose from including Cachapas and Tequenos.


We ordered a bunch of items to try on top of just eating an Arepa.  We ordered something called Tequenos to split.  Tequenos are a Venezuelan treat that is heavenly tasting cheese fried in dough.  A bunch came on a plate with a delicious dipping sauce made fresh by Arepa Zone.


To wash down this food we both ordered a couple of Venezuelan sodas.  Frescolitta is a Venezuelan soda that tastes like a cream soda.  The drink is thick and we could only get a few sips down before moving it to the side.  Chinotto is a light lemon lime drink that tasted like a Sprite.  I enjoyed this drink and if not for the Splenda I am sure Bridget would have too.


For entrees we got a couple of different items, not just Arepas.  Bridget went with an Arepa; however, it was a tad different than just your normal cheese filled types.  This Arepa was called Catira, which in Venezuelan means is slang for a blond person. The catira arepa is shredded chicken with cheese. It was good but a just not the same thing that we enjoyed as kids in South Florida.


I decided to try something other than an Arepa and ordered the Cachapa.  While the Arepa is made of just regular corn and is crunchy on the outside, a Cachapa is made of sweet corn and more like a softer pancake.  Mine was filled with a beef that had to be marinated in some amazing flavors for days.  The shredded beef was placed in the Cachapa along with queso de mano (a soft white cheese.)  The Cachapa was outstanding and had so much flavor.  I shared very little with Bridget (being greedy as I am) and enjoyed the dish selfishly.


The best way to get me to go to a craft fair is promise me excellent food and beer. You tell me there is Arepas and Fat Tire (plus pumpkin flavored beer), I am sold.  Crafty Bastards is a great event for everyone and the Arepa Zone food truck only enhances the day.



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