Germany: Oktoberfest

Large beers, schnitzel, lederhosens, & more large beers, how could one not love Oktoberfest.  Tonight we went out for these large beers and some schnitzel at a local German joint called Biergarten Haus (  A three level bar/restaurant with plenty of authentic German beers and incredible foods to go around.


We’ve come here mostly for football and found out lately there was a large Dolphins fanbase here.  The bartender is a huge Fins fan and his family comes by for the games, all from Miami as well.  The food is always great and today we wanted to enjoy Oktoberfest food and beer.

We started with the most important part of Oktoberfest: Beer!  Bridget ordered the Warsteiner Oktoberfest and I got the Paulaner Oktoberfest-Marzen.  Both were of a golden color and light beers that came in large German Biergarten Haus mugs.

20151020_183244 (1)

To start we ordered the best thing they have on the menu: Laugenbrötchen (pretzel bread.)  These are traditional German pretzel rolls served with beer cheese and mustard.  They are hot rolls and plenty of salt on them.  They are delicious and there is never enough served in a basket.

20151020_183852 (1)

For dinner we each got a couple of German staples.  Bridget went with a type of schnitzel, the Paprika Rahmschnitzel.  Schnitzel is a flat tenderized meat that is breaded and was covered with a sauce.  The sauce was a paprika cream sauce.  On the side she got two other German staples that are typically served with this dish, spatzle (egg noodle with butter) and red cabbage.20151020_185024

I went with another German food that is typically ordered on Oktoberfest: wursts.  I figure the only way to really enjoy Oktoberfest is to have beer and wursts.  I ordered 2 types: Bauernwurst which is smoked pork and veal & Knackwurst which is a pork, veal and garlic.  The wursts were a bit oily but tasted great.  On the side I got another German specialty, Kartoffel Puffer.  Kartoffel Puffer is basically a potato pancake (as close to a latke as you can get.)   With the wursts came a side of hot sauerkraut and mustard.


Sadly there were no typical German desserts to order from other than Apple Strudel which neither of us wanted.  We enjoyed our small Oktoberfest dinner at this Biergarten Haus.  Not only is it great for German celebrations but they have a great group of Dolphins fans.  All in all, beer, wursts, and potato pancakes are a great way to help celebrate Oktoberfest.



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