Spain: Mes de la Paella

We originally thought of enjoying Spanish tapas as our Spanish cuisine but we stumbled upon  a great surprise at La Bodega ( when we headed over to Georgetown recently. October is  paella month!


I love paella but Matt and I don’t usually order it since he’s not a fan of most seafood and the portions are always large. Since this was a month dedicated to celebrating paella, there were several (at least six) to choose from. We decided on a pollo y chorizo paella.

But first, drinks. I had a glass of Spanish tempranillo and Matt had a Spanish lager, Mahou.


The paella would take about 30 minutes to come out, so we started with a light appetizer of Spanish cheeses. Four cheeses: a rosemary manchego, a plain manchego, a gallego, and a valdeon were served with blanched almonds and an apricot spread. I really enjoyed the rosemary manchego, Matt liked the gallego. The cheeses were a great tease but we were ready to dig into the paella when it came.


When the paella first came out it was too hot to handle.


Steam came off as we stirred it a bit. It was undeniable that this came straight from the oven to our table. We served ourselves some big scoops and dug in. The pollo and chorizo paella was complex and hearty. It was hard to miss the addition of seafood in this particular dish. The hardest part to wrap my head around was the different texture but the flavors were spot on.20151026_191223

October may be known as the time to celebrate Oktoberfest but paella celebration is totally underrated.  Next year be sure to save a date in October to celebrate a month dedicated to paella because it’s worth it!



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