Finland: Deconstructed Hotdogs

Wieners, not only is it fun to say, it can be fun to make into a meal.  Apparently a comfort food in Finland consists of these wieners.  I first thought that the only thing in Finland cuisine was seafood but I found something unfishy: Nakkikastike.

Nakkikastike is a Finnish style hot dogs in a sauce.  On the side we made boiled potatoes and asparagus. Also to go with it we made Rieska, a type of flat potato bread.

The ingredients were basic and this might of been one of the easiest meals we have cooked yet.  The recipe for Nakkikastike called for hot dogs of any kind, so obviously I chose Hebrew National kosher weiners.  Carrots, onions, chicken broth, tomato paste, spicy mustard, garlic and some nutmeg helped make the sauce.

20151027_175449 (1)

The wieners were chopped up and browned in butter.  The hot dogs were taken out and then the veggies were sauteed.  After, the rest of the ingredients were mixed in and simmered for 20-30 minutes.  The hot dogs were placed back in and we have Nakkikastike.


While the wieners (I giggle every time I write it) were simmering Bridget started with the Rieska.  I got some pre-made mashed potatoes mixed it with spelt flour and an egg.  The mixture was made into four balls and flattened on a baking pan.  Here you can see Bridget poking fork holes into the potato bread.


I sauteed up some asparagus to go with this meal.  The Nakkikastike and Rieska were two amazing Finnish dishes.  Eating hot dogs in a sauce was a great idea.  On the side we made some plain boiled potatoes mixed with butter and parsley.


We had wieners for dinner, just saying.



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