Cape Verde: Not a Green Cape

As we move close to the end of the year, almost being December, I am learning that there are tons of countries I didn’t know existed.  One of those countries is Cape Verde.  I first thought it was an island in the Caribbean, boy was I far off.

Cape Verde is a tiny island off the west coast of Africa.  This country is made of 10 volcanic islands in the Atlantic Ocean.  Cape Verde may be a small country but the cuisine we made tonight had large chunks of goodness.

This simple stew we made was called Carne Gizado.  There isn’t a whole lot to this dish but it pops with so much flavor.

The dish started being prepped the night before, marinating the meat.  I took cubed beef for stew (has to be better than normal since it was from Whole Foods, right?).  I dumped garlic, salt, pepper, bay leaf and vinegar on top of the beef in a ziploc bag.  Tonight I took out the meat and it smelled unbelievable.


Tonight I prepped the rest by shaving (much more fun than peeling) the yuca, white potato, white yam and green bananas.  The baby bananas were too tiny and cute to pass up instead of normal green bananas.  Also mixed in was a chopped onion.


After prepping there wasn’t much left to do other than throw everything in a pot and cook.  The onions and meat was first cooked on low with some oil. When they were cooked through I threw all the other veggies in on top.  I covered the dish with water and a few spices (paprika, salt and pepper).

A few hours and BAM we had Carne Gizado.


The stew came out with a pop of flavor and way better than I thought it would be.  The second bowl I had after should speak for that.  Cape Verde is a tiny island I didn’t even know existed but I am glad I learned something new tonight.



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