Australia: Dessert from Down Under

Crocodile Dundee, kangaroos, Bridget’s friend’s husband.  These are the 3 things that I know come from Australia.  After  tonight I have learned there are 2 desserts and 1 drink that also come from down under.

Instead of making dinner tonight we baked a few desserts.  While making the desserts we drank an interesting ginger beer I found at a World Market called Bundaberg.  Bundaberg is a brewery in Australia that imports their drinks all over the world.  The one I found was a ginger beer that had great flavor.  Not only did it taste great but it was fun to open (a pull tab) and in a weird shape.


“That’s not a knife! This is a knife!”  Ok, maybe I didn’t say this while cooking but I did many attempts at a shitty Australian accent.  Next up was the Anzac biscuits.  After translating the silly measurements Australians use and some of their words that make no sense.  For example did you know they call Rice Krispies, Rice Bubbles?  That’s just silly.

The Anzac biscuits were easy to make and looked quite unappealing to me.  When you tell me cookies that have rolled oats and coconut, I’m gonna pass.  They baked for about 20 minutes and gave off such an amazing scent from the oven.  I took a bite of one and wanted to eat 3 more cookies at the same time.  They were incredible and I didn’t wanna share with Bridget.

Koalas, rugby, vegemite.  Three other things I know that exist in Australia.  On to the next dessert we made: Pavlova. Pavlova is dessert that was made for a Russian dancer that visited either Australia or New Zealand. There is a battle for which country it originates.  Since we already had New Zealand we chose the winning country: Australia.

It only took us two different times to get this one to work but when it worked, we knew it was right.  I learned tonight how to make stiff peaks and why this was important.  The first attempt we learned that there is not second chances and we dumped that batch.  Then we learned how to make stiff peaks with the egg whites and slowly added sugar, vanilla and vinegar.  Poured it in a bowl with a giant hole in the middle and threw it in the oven for 1 & 1/2 hours on 250°.


When done we let it cool in the oven and made the whipped topping.  Threw a bunch of strawberries and walla! (not Australian word) we had Pavlova.


So there you have it, you got to see how we enjoyed the desserts and a drink of Australia.  Sadly no kangaroo kabobs, eucalyptus salads or crocodile.  Crocodile Dundee and the late Crocodile Hunter would both have been happy here tonight. Mate!








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