Argentina: Too Fancy for Flip Flops

As the year winds down we find it harder to find a decent restaurant for a new country’s cuisine, much less brunch.  While we have enjoyed most of South America, one main country we have missed is Argentina.  Luckily I found a restaurant, Rural Society ( in a Loews hotel  (Which apparently is too fancy for flip flops).

As I said the options for brunch and a new country’s cuisine was slim pickings by the end of our challenge.  We were embarking on cuisine #81 and we didn’t realize this would be one of the best.  Rural Society had a brunch menu that was prix fixe (for those not as sophisticated as me that means “set price.”)  Again, easy for Bridget to order and not make a difficult decision.

Both our meals came with Facturas, a variety of Argentinian pastries.  There were 4 different types in the bread basket, including a dulce de leche stuffed pastry.


The prix fixe meals each came with two courses.  Bridget ordered a dish called Morrones.  Morrones, which means a variety of peppers in Spanish.  This dish was roasted red peppers with whipped eggplant and anchovies on top.  The anchovies were a surprise to Bridget since she didn’t exactly read that far in on the menu.  Not the most appealing part of the dish at 11am.


I ordered a dish that is basically hot cheese in a skillet and on the side was a salad of arugula.  Now that may not sound as tasty as you think, but I wanted more of this after I finished.  Provoleta is trademark for an Argentinian type of provolone cheese.  As you can see the cheese was boiling hot and cooked right in the skillet.


After sharing the pastries and first courses we were mostly stuffed.   We were definitely not ready for the giant second courses that were coming up next.  Not like that stopped us from trying.

Bridget ordered the Medialuna, which means half moon, a sandwich served on a croissant (That’s where the half moon comes in).  In the half moon was a large amount of smoked ham, fontina cheese and a fried egg.  On the side were perfectly cooked breakfast potatoes with Merken, a smoked chili pepper.


For my second course I went with the Gramajo, an Argentine omelet.  When it came out I had no idea what I ordered anymore but I wasn’t disappointed. This omelet is very popular in Argentina and was enjoyed at this table as well.  Their way of doing fried potatoes were fantastic and enjoyed with the serrano ham on the omelet.


Argentina is our 81st country’s cuisine we visited during this challenge.  It will also be our last restaurant we visit on this challenge in 2015.  There was no better way to enjoy our last restaurant in DC with this special prix fixe brunch.





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