Canada: A Heart Stopper

Poutine is Canada’s gift to the world.  It is also a dish that might kill someone within hours of eating it.  If you don’t know what is poutine , this is the time to read about what heaven would taste like.

Ketchup is boring now to me.  The only thing I want on my french fries is gravy and cheese curds.  Not gravy OR cheese curds, please make sure they are together.  Now you know what poutine is, let’s show you how we made it.

We went ahead and made everything from scratch except the cheese curds.  I cut up a couple potatoes, rinsed em and threw them in a deep pot of vegetable oil.  After frying on 300°, I dumped them on a paper towel.  I then heated it back up to 375° and re-fried for a couple a minutes.  This 2nd frying made all the difference in the word.  The potatoes were fresh and crisp as can be.


While this was going on and of course I was making a mess, Bridget started making the gravy.  Nothing special about the gravy.  Just a thick brown gravy to go right on top the fresh hot fries. (Editor’s note: it was a slightly different gravey, we mixed chicken and beef stock and added some chopped garlic).

To go with the gravy and fries was the coup d’état, cheese curds.  We definitely weren’t going to make our own cheese curds and using mozzarella was a fake way to go.  So we found a local store that sold fresh made local cheese curds.


Before we got to eat we drank a few beers that were Canadian.  One was a gross green bottle beer called Moosehead.  I thought I would skip the worst beer from Canada ever, Labatts, but boy was I wrong.  Moosehead is awful. (Editor’s note: I didn’t think it was that bad, Matt has something against beers in green bottles). The 2nd beer was much better and tasted like a Belgium wheat beer, Blanche de Chambly.


Back to the heart stopper.  When you put all three of these ingredients together you get the most heart stopping dish ever made.   The hot fresh fries were thrown in a bowl and salted.  The gravy was ladled from the pot onto the fries.  They were tossed with the cheese curds as well.  This gives you heaven on a platter when mixed together.


If the picture looks greasy, it’s not doing it enough justice.  I informed Bridget that this will be my last meal if ever on death row (just sayin.)



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