Lithuania: Last Supper

Back in 1992 the Lithuanian basketball team had special tie dye skeleton shirts made for them.  This is the one and only fact I know about Lithuania.  In fact if not for this information I wouldn’t even have known it existed.

lithuania logo


For our meal tonight I found something that would be simple to make for dinner.  If you have kept up and read some of our homemade blog posts nothing is simple.  In fact anything “simple” usually turns into a complete mess, which we were close here.

The Lithuanian dish I made is called Zrazai.   They are popular across Europe and have many different names.  Zrazai are beef rolls stuffed with mushrooms of different types.

Right from the start Bridget was not gonna be happy since she is not a big mushroom fan.  I thought I could hide the mushrooms but boy was I wrong.  I learned how to reconstitute porcini mushrooms.  (Didn’t even know this was a thing at first.) After doing this over the day I cut up another 3 cups of mushrooms (Yeah, there is tons in here and no way to hide.)  The mushrooms, onions and garlic were all sauteed then mixed with breadcrumbs.  This made a stuffing that would be used later.

I wrapped sandwich steaks in rolls, stuffed with the mushroom mixture. I then rigged kabob sticks into toothpicks.  This let me keep the rolls together without falling them apart too much.


After stuffing them and getting them to stick together in a roll, I floured them and browned them in a pan.


The rolls were removed and placed in the ninja crockpot as  I put some liquid in (water from mushroom reconstitution and broth), letting it simmer for 45 min.  Instead of simmering most of the liquid burned up and it was done quite early.   They looked a little strange but had good flavor.  In fact Bridget liked them more than me and the mushroom flavor was dulled.


The other reason we did a cuisine from this obscure country was because I found a beer from Total Wine.  This beer was delicious to me and came in a funky bottle.  No other special reason than I wanted to drink this beer from Lithuania.


This would be our last dinner we made during this challenge.  Maybe it wasn’t our best but I enjoyed making something different and fun.



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